Retirement Planning

It’s never too early to start planning for your retirement. In fact, at Retire by Design we strongly advocate that the sooner you start the better! This means ensuring that your retirement planning is being adequately catered for by taking into consideration your competing lifestyle and financial goals, and that available opportunities are being maximised where possible.

It is those clients who start to think and prepare for their retirement earlier in their working life that end up in control and transition to their retirement with confidence and ease.

These days “retirement” is more of an organic concept. Gone are the days where you worked fulltime doing long hours (often at the one job/career) for many years to one day suddenly finish work completely, forever. It is more of a multi-staged process which is unique to every client. For a growing number of our clients, “retirement” is about never finishing paid employment, rather it is about being able to continue to work but on their terms.

There are generally major life stages or occurrences that act as trigger points resulting in a change to a client’s retirement planning focus and strategy such as:

  • When the kids have moved out
  • When the mortgage is paid off
  • A house “downsize”
  • A pay rise, redundancy or change in employment
  • Receipt of an inheritance
  • Illness, a health scare or the death of a loved one
  • Birth of a grandchild
  • Divorce

We partner with our clients to implement strategies to maximise your retirement savings and ultimately utilise these savings throughout your retirement to achieve the lifestyle you want.

Retire by Design is here to help you achieve the retirement you want. Our motto is “Plan well, Retire well”.

However, don’t despair if your retirement is relatively imminent! It’s not too late to start receiving our expert assistance.